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Since 1997, Massa d.o.o. is engaged in the production of PVC joinery. The company's management recognizes the excellent German plastic polymer manufacturer REHAU, which operates in more than 170 locations in 54 countries and with 17,000 employees, as the perfect supplier for an ambitious venture to expand its business in the field of PVC joinery.

Today, Massa d.o.o. can boast that it is one of the oldest manufacturers of this type of product in the whole of Croatia. From the very beginning, the production is located at the same location in Sv. L. B. Mandić 111m where there is also a sales salon so that interested customers can be informed on the spot about the prices and the process of production of the ordered elements.

More about the products themselves can be found on the official website of the supplier where interested customers can easily get specific information about the products they are interested in, profile characteristics, methods of execution, colors and other details.

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